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Welcome to Old Kia Kima

Thunderbird Lodge

Thunderbird Lodge interior

Cabins 7 - 11

Typical cabin interior

Cabins 2 - 6

Swimming area on the South Fork River

The Troop "Ole 97" Covered Bridge

Ralph and Martha Jane Young Chapel

Dining Pavilion

Cooking Area

Activities Pavilion

Bridge over Spirit Creek

The office, freezer and storage area

Winter Sentinel
Photography by Bobby Harriss, OKKPA

This series of photographs was taken from the same location at the Campfire Ring of Old Kia Kima in the Ozark Mountains near Hardy, Arkansas. Frame #1 is facing south with the flagstaffs visible. Frame #2 is a close-up of the top of a hand-carved Fire Ring Totem Pole. Beginning with Frame #3 of the flagstaffs, an Old Kia Kima Wiinter Sentinel is visible in the distance, followed by close-up frames.

It is impossible to find a better reason amoung old Eagle Scouts for cherishing and fully restoring the beloved camp of their youth, Old Kia Kima, "Nest Of The Eagles".