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The Old Kia Kima Preservation Association (OKKPA) is a 501(c)3 Youth Leadership Organization (EIN 71-0783653) incorporated in Arkansas with summer camp facilities located in Cherokee Village on the South Fork of the Spring River near the town of Hardy.


Help us preserve Old Kia Kima for future generations. Your gift will provide you with a charitable income tax deduction and help Old Kia Kima to meet its current needs.

A major benefit of donations is that it enables you to immediately support our camp operations and priority projects.

Watch a short video to see some of the things made possible by donations to Old Kia Kima.

Ongoing Camp Operations

  • Maintenance of facilities
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Camp supplies

    Restoration of camp facilities such as:

  • the Old Dining Hall for use as an Activities Pavilion
  • the Old Trading Post for use as a storage facility
  • the Waterfront area

    Capacity Expansion

  • New Tent Camping areas
  • New Bath house facilities
  • One Time Donation

    Automatic Repeat Donations

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    donation through Paypal


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    Here is your opportunity to spend time at camp again. Spend time in the outdoors, breathe the fresh air and share the fellowship of dedicated people who are interested in helping. Whether you can rake leaves, paint, repair plumbing, fix electrical wiring or whatever, your skills can be an asset to Old Kia Kima. To join OKKPA, please complete a Membership Application and mail it to the address shown.

    If you have questions, please contact our Membership coordinator.


    OKKPA also has a major donor program, the Old Kia Kima Endowment Fund Forever ( OKKEFF ). The goal of this program is to develop an endowment fund to ensure the financial security of the operation of Old Kia Kima for future generations. For additional information concerning this program please contact one of our OKKEFF coordinators.

    Make your check payable to OKKPA. Donations can be directed to the General Fund for camp operations, or a specific project. Please indicate in the memo section of your check as to how you wish to direct your donation. Be sure to enclose your contact information to receive a tax deduction letter. Tax letters are sent for all donations exceeding $250.00.

    Mail check to:
    OKKPA Treasurer
    104 Upper College Terrace
    Frederick, MD 21701