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Leadership Values
About Us

Old Kia Kima Preservation Association (OKKPA) is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Youth Service Organization EIN # 710783653 Incorporated in Arkansas with summer camp facilities located in Cherokee Village on the South Fork River near the town of Hardy.

We are committed to the purpose of providing our camp facilities and Youth Leadership Values Training materials to local, regional, and national Youth Service Organizations. Church Youth Ministries may also find that this Youth Leadership Values Training approach works well with the content of their Church Camp and Weekend Retreat programs.

Our goal is to serve as an information resource for supporting their youth leadership values training and service program initiatives; and to provide a quality camping experience by utilizing our historic Old Kia Kima camp facilities as an inspirational backdrop for the learning to take place.

We have also learned that parents involved in Home Schooling their children may find the information on this web site useful to integrate into their curriculum, and/or emphasize via an organized team effort in concert with other Home Schooling parents.

For more information about the Old Kia Kima Preservation Association, Inc., read their most recent Annual Report.

Our Youth Leadership Core Values:

Integrity, Achievement, Responsibility, and Courage.

These are the core principles that will guide the future development of our Youth Leadership Training Initiatives. They will help us to convey the "Spirit" of Old Kia Kima by letting others know that this small set of general guiding principles is OKKPA's essential and enduring tenants for Youth Leadership - a key part of the rich Legacy we want to share and utilize the Camp to pass along to the Youth of Tomorrow.

Our Core Purpose:
(This defines the enduring character of our organization and drives our aspirations).

WHAT: Restore the Camp and Preserve the "Spirit" of Old Kia Kima for the Youth Of Tomorrow.

WHY: We want future generations to experience the Spirit of Old Kia Kima, to learn the values of Integrity, Achievement, Responsibility, and Courage, and to utilize the Camp to pass this along to future generations just like we did. This will be our legacy.

HOW: A restored and fully functioning Old Kia Kima is our goal in order to pass on this "Spirit" and legacy to the Youth of Tomorrow via Camp activities and Youth Leadership Training Programs that span the new millennium.

These Core Values and statement of Core Purpose work together to give direction, substance, and clarity to our Vision, Mission, and Goals. Together, they will provide a guide to OKKPA decisions as we pursue a restored and fully functioning Old Kia Kima.

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