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Leadership Values
- Youth Leadership Values Development -

Our working definition of the Value of Achievement is:

A strong commitment to the pursuit of the success and personal pride enjoyed in reaching a goal which requires considerable effort, and the application of skills, practice, talents, abilities, and perseverance.

The synonyms for the Value of Achievement are:

Accomplishment, Attainment, Success, Fulfillment, Feat, Conquest, Consummation, Creation, Masterstroke, Realization, Triumph, Tour de Force, Victory

Achievement is the dominant Leadership Value in Leadership Development Quadrant 3, and therefore is singled out in this quadrant for special emphasis. In doing so it is important to understand that the Value of Achievement, along with the strong supportive role of the associated values of, Integrity, Responsibility, and Courage all interact to become "the tracks to run on" for the developing Personality Characteristic of +Self-Confidence.

Leaders who model the Value of Achievement:

  1. Are goal oriented, like to see the results of their efforts, and encourage others to do likewise

  2. Have learned how to build upon and leverage their successes by making the most of their talents and abilities, and encourage others to do likewise

  3. Work hard, displaying Integrity and a high level of motivation, determination, and ambition to achieve their goals, and encourage others to do likewise

  4. Have a high level of Self-Confidence coming from a belief in self that projects poise and self-assurance to others who are encouraged to follow their lead

  5. Have and project a feeling of personal pride derived from a sense of accomplishment and success in their work, and they encourage others to do likewise

  6. Are excellent role models, often displaying great Courage, valor, & gallantry in their accomplishments

  7. Are often excellent coaches; their successes make them adept in "Talking the Talk", and especially so in demonstrating how to Responsibly "Walk the Walk"

  8. Have earned the respect and admiration of others and are often elevated to the role of "My Hero"

  9. Display modesty, humility, & have control of their ego

  10. Are often among the first to volunteer to help others

  11. Can be counted on for the planning, execution, and leadership necessary to see a project to completion

  12. Make great followers and team mates due to their high levels of confidence, skills, drive, and initiative

About Achievement

People with a high value for Achievement are driven less by competitiveness, and more by personal Integrity, self-actualization and a self-confident determination to do well and to realize the fulfillment of goals and aspirations. At their best, those "at the top of their game" focus on a plan of action with clear-cut goals, and consistently demonstrate an abundance of drive, initiative, motivation, determination, and perseverance.

As they act out the value they have for Achievement, they often have the Courage to set lofty goals that are increasingly more challenging, and progressively more rewarding and socially significant, often leading to fame and the status of personal Hero in the eyes of others. Along the way they earn Degrees, Trophies, Blue Ribbons, Gold Metals, Titles, Awards, Recognition, Adulation, Respect, Self-Respect, Appreciation, Success, Tournaments, Devotion, Admiration, Praise, Glory, Thank Yous, and Bless Yous.

Because they are so Self-Confident and possess a very high value for self-sufficiency and organizational skills, they can be excellent problem solvers. People who have a high value for Achievement embrace accountability and are very Responsible in taking ownership of a goal and following through to successful completion.

Personality Characteristics