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Leadership Values
- Youth Leadership Values Development -


Our working definition of the Value of Responsibility is:

The act of embracing and fulfilling an obligation or duty to behave in a manner that is required or expected due to one's values, position, religion, custom, culture, agreements, commitments, promises, or rules of law.

The synonyms for the Value of Responsibility are:

Accountability, Obligation, Expectation, Requirement, Duty, Job, Charge, Commitment, Pledge, Dependability, Indebtedness, Trust

Responsibility is the dominant Leadership Value in Leadership Development Quadrant 4, and therefore is singled out in this quadrant for special emphasis. In doing so it is important to understand that the Value of responsibility, along with the strong supportive role of the associated values of Integrity, achievement, and courage all interact to become "the tracks to run on" for the developing Personality characteristic of +Self-Esteem.

Leaders who model the Value of Responsibility:

  1. Understand that for every right, or privilege granted by society, there is a balanced responsibility that goes with it which must be equally honored with Integrity

  2. Display the Integrity and courage to accept personal responsibility for always doing what's fair and right

  3. Recognize their Self-Esteem is linked to being held personally accountable for their decisions and actions

  4. Are proactive and achievement oriented; they can be relied upon to make sound judgments and decisions

  5. Judiciously weigh options and are willing to take calculated risks in order to achieve a recognized benefit or advantage for the greater good of all

  6. Have high standards, and take pride in the quality of the fulfillment of their commitments and duties

  7. Work well with others; can be counted on for an abundance of dedication, teamwork, and cooperation

  8. Are good problem solvers and are quick to help and encourage others through their role model example

  9. Have high Self-Esteem and respect for self and others

  10. Take full ownership of their Responsibilities and do not make them someone else's problem to resolve

  11. Have high Integrity, and display a commitment to honesty, loyalty & fidelity in interactions with others

  12. Are self-motivated, reliable, and dependable; they are well organized, follow guidelines, and meet deadlines

    About Responsibility

    Leaders who embrace the value of Responsibility understand their duty to be open and flexible to the opportunities to meet the needs and respect the rights and views of others.

    By demonstrating fairness in looking for the win-win in conflict resolution, they chart a path that is in the best interest and for the greater good of all. This achievement in turn builds good relationships and strong alliances with others that further strengthens their leadership. In showing the Integrity and courage to always act Responsibly, they demonstrate that they have and act on the important values which build trust and confidence in their leadership results.

    Acting with personal Responsibility is all about taking full ownership for results and quality outcomes, beginning with proactively implementing a plan of action outlining the steps necessary to succeed. Even when the main goal is too large for one to handle, the steps can still be clearly divided with the overall Responsibility shared according to everyone’s individual abilities roles and assignments. Facilitating shared Responsibility and creating a sense of individual ownership is the essence of producing high-quality Leadership outcomes.

    In many respects, acting with Responsibility is an important antecedent to Achievement and especially Integrity. Consider that all honorable achievements are initially born of the need for setting ethical goals, and to the need for attention to the many steps along the way that must be achieved with responsible planning & organization in order to make them happen. The value of Responsibility is the Power within; wielding power without acting with attention to the value of Responsibility corrupts the Leader and fails those s/he leads.

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