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Leadership Values
Youth Leadership Values Staff Training Tools

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Youth Leadership Values Training
(Background material for your Adult Staff members)

Understanding the Conceptual Framework

Program Facilitator's Presentation
& Discussion Guide:

A Staff Orientation to Teaching Leadership Values

An Overview intended for use with your initial Adult Staff Training and program orientation

Presentation is designed to assist program administrators in the training/coaching of their Staff participant's understanding of the conceptual framework of the overall program.

This 30 minute PowerPoint presentation has 31 slides and is complete with printable handout notes for participants. The simultaneous presentation to a group would require a projector and will typically generate additional discussion time of 1 hour with audience participation (for a total time invested of 1 1/2 hours).

Alternately, you could send the available .PDF file as an email attachment with a request that each participant print/read in advance. The reading preview time for each person on their own computer is approximately 30 minutes.

At your meeting, a Facilitator could follow-up by highlighting and clarifying key points, and then lead a group discussion pointed toward developing the team's own Youth Leadership Values Training action plan.

AVAILABLE in 2 file formats:

- .PDF Format -

Building Your Own Youth Values Training Program

- Powerpoint Format -

Building Your Own Youth Values Training Program

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